Last Queue+Double Chapter+NSFW+New Victim of Rio = SHURABA!!!

Good Morning and, ……………. Welkum Bak[Sorry no Latina today since this chapter is NSFW]



Cnine is here, Some information:

1. I hired few slave of slaveEditor, so the quality will be improved somewhat.

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Without Further ADO, ENjoy :

Chapter 66 [When it’s a husband and a wife, it’s straight and old fashioned family. When it’s a husband and 2 wifes, it’s the most balanced triangle model family. add another one and you’ll see the scene of carnage……. What, me? my wife will kill me first before I even dare to say those line(I discovered by some chance that she have yandere attribute)]

The Illustration for this chapter[WARNING, The LN VERSION IS QUITE DIFFERENT FROM WN VERSION from CELIA-SENSEI ELOPING INCIDENT], Anyway She’s cute right :

Celia and Sakura


The Chapter Will Be Out In ~3 Minute


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