Consecutive Release-O-Combo Part 1

Good Morning and Welkum Back,


Cnine back again[After severe headache yesterday]

KEEP INCREASE YOUR VIEW COUNTS GUYS!!! – [Psst it’s a secret : To support the Translator!!!]

Anyway, still remember when I said last month that the number of your view at my project page in Novelsnchills will bring bonus chapter? now rejoice minna-san, this release brought to you by :

Samuel E-sama

Thank you Very much

Anyway, here the status of of the donation :

Total Target :


My Monthly Target :


The Rest of The Donation for the next xhapter:



Without Further ADO, ENjoy :

Chapter 61 [Loli Sensei Trap] – SHE’S TRYING TO BAIT HIM!!!

And here the illustration for this chapter :


She’s cute  right!RiGhT!rIgHt!?

Anyway, Here the meme for the next chapter :



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