Sponsored Release

Good Day,

It’s Cnine, How do you do guys?

This release is sponsored chapter by :

Rupp D-sama, Izzani I-sama, Mitch K-sama

Anyway, here some announcement :

  1. I’m joining this site, and you can get sponsored release by increasing my view count in our project which is [Seigensou] , [Spear User], [DHM], And [Bocchi]. .

  2. I’ve explained about the chapter policy[Seigensou only, so make sure to email me at {zmunjali(at)gmail(dot)com} when you’re donating for another project] in this post.

  3. Chapter 59 will be released after the donation reached $40 for regular chapter, since it’s a double chapter and I still not released regular chapter in the previous sunday.

The Current Donation is :


My Monthly Target :

$325.63/$3000[Monthly target(you can work me to the bone with this kind of target), I sold my too much free time]

The Rest of The Donation :


Without Further ado, ENjoy :

Chapter 58 [Vicious circle(they acted like newly wed couple)] : This Chapter will be released at 15022017 00:01 GMT +7[SOrry still using the timezone from when I’m working at Borneo]

Chapter 59 meme : Chapter 59 [Killing Intent Inducing Scenery, In Various Way]



Since Roxism and Novelchill is in different timezone, you might not be able to access the chapter for few minutes. When that happen, please make sure to wait for ~3 minutes!!!!



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