Sponsored + Regular = Seigensou

Good Day,

It’s Cnine, How do you do guys?

2/3 of This release is sponsored chapter by :

Rupp D-sama

Anyway, here some announcement :

  1. I’m joining this site, and you can get sponsored release by increasing my view count in the two of my project which is [Seigensou] and [Spear User]. It’s only need around 500k view for one chapter of Seigensou.

  2. This chapter is triple chapter in one[3 in 1], it’s full of explanation and blablabla.

The Current Donation is :


My Monthly Target :

$301.37/$3000[So feel free to work me to the bone(Have too many free time)]

The Rest of The Donation :


Without Further ado, ENjoy :

Chapter 57 [Double Chapter + Reguler = Triple Chapter] —> This Chapter is big You know

Anyway, here the illustration of Rio oggling Miharu[In Apron(not nude though)] in this Chapter

ANd the meme for chapter 58 [It’s a double chapter By the way]:



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