Bonus Release

Good Evening,

It’s Cnine.

This chapter brought to you by :

Diego P,  and Bradley C

Thank you for your donation!!

And don’t forget to give your gratitude to them who made this release is possible[Internet Provider(You suck when your signal is only good at 3 in the morning!) and donators-sama]

Maybe some have a question what my base for normal chapter or double chapter or maybe triple chapter[which coming closer ever]?

My base is :

  1. Number of page : 1-15 page[in raw] is normal chapter, 15-25 is double chapter[many of the current act is in this area], 25-35 is triple chapter[this chapter is hell, but action packed], 35-45 is quadruple chapter[this is a myth chapter since I’ve yet to met this chapter]. But, this is secondary requirement.
  2. The characters count : 0~4000 is normal chapter, 5000~8000 is double chapter, 8000~11000 is triple one, 11000 beyond is myth[In Seigensou]. This is the main requirement.

Now here the example :

Take chapter 56, it have same number of parts with chapter 55[4 parts, or around 20 page] but, the words count is double[~8000 characters in raw] of of chapter 55 due to the explanations. Thus it’s a double chapter.

In the contrary, chapter 55 have same parts as chapter 56[4 parts] but less words[below 5000 characters] thus it’s a normal chapter.

Anyway, without further ado  enjoy the sponsored chapter :

Chapter 55 [Mii~chan true name]–>regular length $40 [Released at 03022017 00:01 GMT+8]

The total donation so far is


Chapter 56 [I hate Onii-chan who’s NTRed by my little-bro]–>àDouble chapter

Novel donation :



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