Chapter XX [Myriad Of Seigensou Sponsored RELEASE]

Good Morning,

Cnine is here

First let me say my gratitude for everyone that already donated their money to buy a new phone for me. This release is dedicated for :

Mitch K

Shane L

Gege S

Petronio C

Antti A

Ariel B

R Denis

Jason H

And Diego B

Thank you for your donation to buy a new phone for me!!!

I already received your money with sub-total $317

And with that already bought ASUS ZenPhone3Max for around $210 [Grand total $260 with all the accessories and provider[Actually looking for experia, but when I’m looking for it, it’s already too much for the budget]]. Now that I already have my  cellphone, I’m  all on for the daily internet dose.

Anyway, I’ll release the sponsored chapter one chapter per day starting from today[EXCEpt for today, you can only access the rest of the chapter on the day when I release it], here is the list of the chapter and it’s price[According to it’s length since there’s basically double chapter] :

Chapter 50 [$80]àDouble chapter due to it’s length, difficulties, and two annoying character in it

Chapter 51 [$80]àDouble Chapter again due to loli content[Accessible at oo:01 30/01/2017 GMT +8]

Chapter 52 [$40]àStandard Chapter[Accessible at oo:01 31/01/2017 GMT +8] [Return Of the Soup Noodle Oyaji]

Chapter 53 [$40]àStandard Chapter –>End of current sponsored release [Accessible at oo:01 01/02/2017 GMT +8][ADVENT]

Total : $240

Chapter 54 [$80]àDouble Chapter still lacking around $12 for release

Here the receipt and the picture of my phone:


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