ROAD TO 10000

Good Morning,


It’s Cnine, now some might wondering what is the meaning of “10000”?

Here my answer, I have some short of goal namely gathering money till it’s reaching $10000[I need this amount of money though it’s not that urgent matter, but still urgent since I’ll need this 6 month later]. In short, I sold myself to become slave translator[You can also recommend a project for me]

Now let’s put it in this way,

I’ll put ALL THE DONATION 24/7 will go to Seigensou till it’s reaching $10000, and you need to email me if you’re donating for the other project!!!.

The current count is :


The release might be not one chapter[depending on the length of the chapter] per day, but I’ll guarantee at least 1 Part per day once it’s reach the quote.


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