DHM Lv 14 [Elven Laid]

Hello guys,


Cnine is here. I’ve a bad news for you.

The thing is, I just lost my phone which I used for internet tethering with my laptop and now I’m rendering to unable to use internet. eh?, what about now? I borrowing my wife cellphone and it’s after coaxing her with all my might. This is a little of our conversation :

Me : Honey, I just lost my cellphone.

Wife : Yeah, finally my greatest rival dissapeared!!!

Me : Rival? My cellphone?

Wife : yeah.

Okay, and that’s it.

Now as I’m still in the middle of job hunting and basically in a condition of unable to buy a cellphone, I want to raise fund.

After looking for the replacement, I found that I need at least $250 to buy a new phone.

I’ll made progress bar of fund raising on the side template.

Ah, I almost for got. The Fund will put under Seigensou donation, and will be mass released after reaching the quota.

Sorry, for doing this but I really have no money and have no other way to access the internet.


Anyway here the Chapter




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