Happy Eid Al-Adha

Salam to all Moslem from all over the world and to ALL who read this post. I just want to say :

Happy Eid Al-Adha To All Of You


May the Almighty bless you, always protecting you, and accepting your sacrifice with highest point, Amen.


Anyway, some of you maybe has question like “what is Eid Al-Adha?’ or ” what are you sacrificed in this day”. Let me answer it with the most simple answer :

1. Eid Al-Adha is just like the day of sacrifice combined with y of piety or thanksgiving[The sacrifice mainly goes to the poor one].

2. We’re sacrificing animals like Sheep, Goat, Came Buffalo, Cow, Byson[if there’s one], but no Pig or pork[since it’s Forbidden Food in Islam].


Note : Sorry no sacrifice release due to RL issue



20 thoughts on “Happy Eid Al-Adha

      • If you don’t mind me asking, why exactly is pork a forbidden food? Is it like how Catholics abstain from any kind of meat but fish on Fridays during lent? Or is it something to do with the animal itself?


        • It’s a hebrew/palestinian tradiction, I think. You can found it in Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy and the prophets in the Holy Bible. They decided the pig is an impure animal, and so they can’t even wear shoes made with the skin of that animal.

          It’s only a weird dietary rule. It may have some sanitation meaning some 6.000 years ago (but I doubt it, I’m pretty sure someone got pissed by something he saw the pagans doing with the pig, and then decided to spoil the fun of everybody forbidding it), but now it’s only tradition.


      • Recent studies found a fact that we, human inherited some of personality of what we ate[how pig mating will become trigger for same sex love]. Same goes for sharp clawed and canined animals like snake, cat, dog, wolf, tiger, lion, crocodile, etcetc[aquatic ONLY animals as exception], we will steadily inherited it’s brutal personalities as we continue to ate them.


  1. No sacrifice release, and here I’m expecting you to sacrifice your life to translate..
    Nah man, just kidding. I’m here to ask when is the next seigenso. and thank you for translating all these chapters


    • That’s until the Almighty replaced Abraham son with a very good quality sheep and save Abraham son life. Just a reminder, Abraham is founding father of all Jewish[basically father of prophets]. Well, the history of Islam, Hebrew, and Christian can be traced back, and you’ll find Abraham name on it’s root.

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      • As far as I know, Abraham wasn’t counting with a replacement. He was willing to cut the throath of his own son. Do you have a son you love? Think about the act. You hold his head with your left hand, and with the right hand you cut it. Like Daesh does to their hostages. After all the blood splatters stops, and his body get loosen, and his last breath gurgles through the cut, you put the body over the wood, and light the fire.

        That’s what Abraham was willing to do to his own son. And that’s what one of the hebrew leaders after Moses did to his own daughter.


      • Yeah, indeed he does that with willingness[so does his son who’s about to become sacrifice, as they share same dream[prophets dream can’t be intervered by satan or devil as the Almighty already protecting them]]. So it can be said that their dream are the Almighty decree. Abraham and Ismail[his son, which also a prophet. A reminder, Abraham has two son, one is Ishaq[the ancestor of jew] and Ismail[the ancestor of Mohammed, the last prophet]], due to the strength of their faith to Almighty decided to do as what the Almighty decreed to them. They’re being disturbed by satan three times, but ward those vile creature 3 times too. When Abraham blade almost decapitate Ismail neck, Gabriel come and save Ismail by replacing Ismail with a sheep. Due to his faith, the Almighty made a decree to celebrate Abraham faith with Eid Al-Adha. And That’s how it’s connected to the current era.
        Well, that’s how I sum the long story of Eid Al-Adha.
        Note : no need to be surprised, just like how Moses split the red sea, Isa[Yesus] reviving the death, Abraham can’t be burn with fire, or Mohammed split the moon in two. It’s NORMAL for ALL prophets have their own miracles which can’t be explained with human knowledge just like how human can’t CREATE another human from earth since it’s knowledge on the Almighty domain.

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