39 thoughts on “Seigensou Vol 5 Illustration

    • The current translations are based on the WN. Personally, I’d be interested in translating the LN but between editing/TLC-ing the current releases and work, I don’t think I can find the time for it. If somebody is interested in pointing out significant differences between the WN and LN (I don’t have time to read through all the LN and try to find differences because it takes a very long time for me to read raw Japanese text), I may work on translating LN-specific chapters as a side project.


  1. Gotta stay low and infiltrate a kingdom where I’m treated like public enemy nr.1? “sure, I’ll just dye my hair, that’ll do it.” -mc-logic….
    Anybody remember if the second princess was a reincarnator like him?
    and hooray for loli-sensei!


      • But didn’t the younger princess have some abnormal attachement for him, even though they barely interacted? I remember that the royal siblings had a short debate about him, where the older questions her sister. Guess I’ll have to reread.


    • I believe that was just the younger sister honestly wanting to outright thank him while the older sister felt suspicious. She was considering the chance that the poor homeless kid in ragged clothing may turn out to be a con artist or even working for a con artist who planned the whole kidnapping scene in order to get their money as a reward.

      But still I’m just going off my own memory here. You might as well go reread some chapters since I am too lazy to do that. There may have been something on that subject I missed or forget about.


      • Well, in my case I’ve already reread that part and the big sister named Christina never hold him in high regard, actually, she seemed to dislike him for no reason all the time they were classmates in the Academy, and she even discarded him when the other noble kids put the blame on him after the events in the forest, and as you said, the younger one Flora, tried to speak to him but she couldn’t because she became afraid he hated all of them for the way they treated him, still, I’m curious what is going on with the two of them, cause there’s an image of Flora and another guy in a scene that looks like a love confession, but Christina hasn’t appeared in another pic yet.


  2. Seem like the author change the story to make the chapter of rio and celia more dramatic reunion and kidnapping/bridenapping. The web novel ver kinda bland from my p.o.v.


      • Well, Don’t want to involve much into spoiler, but Rio are truly devote to Miharu (childhood friend) and his revenge. He sees Celia as his benefactor. Who knows, from my p.o.v, i see rio as someone is not as dense but he too devote to his one love to really accepting other girls though, even though being suggest a harem by some people. (minor spoiler) and that person gave him something so that it will be easier for him if he realize the harem.


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