Current Openings:

– Editor
– Proofreader

Eiyuu 《Shuyaku》 ni Narenai Yari Tsukai
– Editor
– Proofreader

– Proofreader

– Editor[There’s Practically NO EDITOR for this one]
– Proofreader


Editors will be responsible for fixing “engrish” into proper English as well as making sure the whole chapter flow together. Being able to TLC as well is a big plus.
TL: “When Rio returning from the gravesite of his parent to eat dinner, Yuba’s way of talking to Rio was softening a bit.”
ED: “During dinner, after Rio returned from his parents’ grave, Yuba spoke to Rio with an air of seriousness.”

Proofreaders will be responsible for spotting grammar/spelling/punctuation/ miscellaneous mistakes that the editor/translator may have missed (i.e. Missed untranslated line, name mix-ups, etc.).

For both positions, English should be your native language.

Those interested, please contact Cnine at zmunjali[at]gmail[dot]com
Any inquiries can be asked here


11 thoughts on “Recruitment

  1. In regards to proofreaders, what do you expect of them exactly. I’d assume checking for spelling mistakes and sentences that don’t make much sense but I figured I’d ask to get a clear view of the role requirements.


  2. I looked up something about Bocchi Tenseiki due to some tags I saw at its Novel Updates page and found that the WN, as well as the author’s account at syosetsu were deleted by january 2015. Given the suddenness of it all, as he had been posting extra chapters during Christmas 2014 until New Year, as well as some old tweet it does not seem like it was out of the author’s own volition.
    The weird things about that, besides what I mentioned, are that Bocchi has currently 3 printed volumes out, 2 of which came out this year, meaning that there was some time lag between the takedown and the LN serialization, and that the author keeps writing WN alongside with his LN (not any of the published ones, though), but hosts them at another site (

    Do someone knows what happened there?


      • The lack of updates stems from the deletion of the account (it’s still accessible through archive sites, several of the chapters only through the “next chapter” button, as the latest index page was never saved).

        What I wanted to ask was if anyone knew why was the account deleted.

        (For raws there shouldn’t be issues as long as you find people that provide you with the LNs once you’ve exhausted the archived chapters, given how many there are yet and the expected rate of volume publishing).


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