[Closed] DHM Editor Recruitment

Hey everyone, as you probably know we currently don’t have an editor for DHM and as a result, the releases aren’t really up to snuff. As such, we’re looking for an editor willing to work on DHM (bonus points if you can TLC as well). As a reminder, this novel is R18 so you must be comfortable editing this kind of content (rape, violence, etc.).

Chapters are around 20-30 pages at 14 point font. Release schedules are lax but you should be able to finish editing a chapter within 1-2 weeks after it is translated. You will also be responsible for editing the older DHM releases.

If you’re interested please leave a comment below and we’ll go from there.


12 thoughts on “[Closed] DHM Editor Recruitment

  1. Hi hi Hi

    I’m interested 🙂 just reply back if you can so I get a notification. I’ve done proofreading in the past for Tate No Yuusha! I’m also learning Japanese, I just finished learning hiragana and katakana.

    Just let me know if the position is still available, thanks!


  2. I know it’s late to reply to this post, but I want to point out that this novel isn’t R18 but R15. It says so at the top of the raw front page http://ncode.syosetu.com/n8173by/.
    R18 stuff is on novel18 syosetsu site. Which means that even if it’s alluded to any sexual content won’t be described past the point of groping boobs and touching anywhere else but the genital area.
    You should give people misleading expectations.


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