Seigensou – Chapter 15v2

Here you go. I wonder how many people actually read these v2s…

Anyway 10 more to go before I catch up. I wonder if I’ll find a job or catch up first. I’m leaning towards the latter… *cries*


13 thoughts on “Seigensou – Chapter 15v2

  1. I read it. Novel updates forces an update reminder when v2 come out. Some novels are 3 chapters but 500 pages per chapter. You cannot translate 500 pages in one sitting. So regularly updating chapters is commonplace in the light novel biz.

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  2. i’m only reading the v2… much easier to follow.
    still in chapter 14 there was a thing i didn’t understand.
    is he moving 30 kilomiters a day or 300? it seems like he is moving 30 km every 8 hours and if he wanted to he could move 300, but then he says he is going so fast nobody can catch up…

    also at a certain point he says he should arrive in galark in 2 days, but after two lines he checks to see if he is in galark. and it was still the same day it seems


    • Normally he could run at 30 km per 8 hours of highway length, but with strengthening he can run at 300 km / day, which is why nobody can catch up.

      As for the second point, it’s stated before that he planned to reach Galark by the end of the day. However, if he kept his current course (which he doesn’t) he would reach Galark in 2 days and end up in the wilderness area rather than civilization.


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