RL Strike Back

I never expected that I will be extremely busy with new job and moving around all over the place………… sorry, it will be a little bit extended vacation


14 thoughts on “RL Strike Back

  1. Hahaha, I’m in the same boat too. Curse RL, but you gotta live. my ramen reserve have more or less kept me alive. I need nourishment!
    Trying to finish chapter 28 atm. Bought my self a Japanese grammar book. Ironically, the English grammar in that one have mistakes. They’re some typos too, and I find this amusing.(yeah yeah grammar mistake on my part. Middle school and high school never fully educate us, only college does.)


  2. Nuuuuu :’v
    Seigenshou and Bochi, I need them doses…

    Jokes aside, take your time in your RL matters…
    I’ll be happy if you can post more chapters after this tho xP


  3. Umm, what happened to chapter 26? I’m pretty sure I read it after it appeared on the front page of your posts…I’ve already read it so there’s no problems, I’m just wondering where it went.


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