Sorry for the spoiler

Okay, I’m sorry for the previous huge spoiler[though if you go to animesuki, it’s basically already well known on the first day].

as a form of apologize I will translate two chapter of Mushoku Tensei last volume of Rudeus story[it’s mostly my own greed to share it].
You can either read it or pretending never see this post, I will put it into Zip file till translation of vol 23 finished.

and it’s still need editing, proofreading, and some TLC.
Anyway, here you go the third chapter to the last:


Take down my name for Translation of final chapter[also this chapter]. For anyone that definitely can do better than me, PLEASE at least look properly for how to read S-U-P-E-R-U-D-O, as the first translator silentwolfie-san said long ago that he uses SUPARD because he confused in how to read it, but it’s not mean that’s the right way to READ IT. Are you going to follow him without confirming it by yourself? if you do that what made you different from me?

That’s All


38 thoughts on “Sorry for the spoiler

  1. thanks for those spoilers and chapters =D oh wells, it will not affect me much as I have given up on this series. lol


  2. I am already doing the last chapter for the decisive battle and was going going to do the epilogue since I already read it and did a rough draft


  3. oh, that spoiler,,,,

    i only think it as some summary for mt,, well there someone who can’t take it my way, so merry merry for this hmm bonus..


  4. thought there was a chap today… Anyway, since its been spoiled, what happens to our godesses sylph, roxy, and eris? Will see this on sat or sun as i am on vacation and no pc( having withdrawal symptoms due to no pc and mom thinks i am possessed).. Anyways, thanks for the consideration master zmunjali, hope it is still up by thr time i get home, but will probably play games first to alleviate my withdrawals…


  5. Are you guys sure you should be doing this? While other translators work hard, chapter by chapter, to bring us this series, you guys just jump straight to the end to TL the best parts? Doesn’t it seem a bit unfair?
    And considering the final chapters are the most important, it’d be better to have the main group do them – being a group, they have the highest quality.

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      • ….I’m not talking about spoilers. I’m talking about the matter of who translates the chapter. To translators and editors, there are chapters they enjoy working on, and chapters they don’t. While the main group works on all chapters regardless of how good or boring they are, you, who are new, have jumped in and taken the last 3 chapters, the ‘final chapters’ of the series. I ask – is that really fair?

        Take it from your viewpoint. You have translated Bocchi Tensouki to its 192nd chapter (let’s say there’s 200). At this moment, someone jumps in and finishes 198, 199, and 200 while you’re doing 193. Don’t you feel bitter?

        Granted, none of the current translators were with Mushoku Tensei from the beginning, and most only joined up in the last half-year or so – probably not long enough to get too territorial. Maybe my point isn’t that important. Ignore me if you feel I’m just thinking too much.

        And regardless of my feelings, thank you for taking the time to translate!


      • hump,, please look at BT in translator name,,
        if not my eye playing trick (which i doubt),

        there should a familiar one, and some in registration too. 😦


      • If you’re that frustrated for translating and making a gap, why don’t you join the translation to easily fill out that gap?


    • Mushouku Tensei doesnt belong to any single group or translator. Long before it’s on BT, it’s been TL by others from Deviant Art to pastebin. Bt registration is just a necessary nicety to ensure different TLs doesnt step on each other’s effort.

      Considering that zmunjali also done quite a number of MT chapter before, he has equal claim to doing this.

      As for jumping around, you must be new to the scene. Mushouku Tensei get translated all over the place depended on TL’s inspiration. There’s no order to it at all.

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  6. after reading this my very first impression are “eh he have this much kid” :v only remember to Sigfried Saladin greyrat rest i forget or isn’t introduction yet in lasted TL ?


  7. I haven’t read it yet about Rudeus’s death but if I remember correctly my friend says that he’s going to be revive and I hope too 😦


  8. Blight status – currently not TL-ing right now, will start on Ch 14 shortly (thursday).

    Bocchi Tensouki Chapter 13 status- currently being proofread.
    Message from me, “I am bored… I’m gonna go read other people’s work”
    Please do comment your concern on chapter 13 when it’s released and don’t forget to thank and probably forgive us by throwing imaginary bricks.


    • Curently almost dead due to overworking 8 in the morning till 3 in the morning of the next day………………………….then work again at 8 in the morning of the same day……….now will going to home and sleep, then began working again[Proofreading Bocchi and Working on Seigenso chapter 16] in the evening……

      Now I know how it feel to become a slave[Even my RG-Wing Zero already neglected in the corner of my mess along with my VITA[SAO, YS, etc]……….


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