Chapter 12 – True Dragon King Zogdriaz

Chapter 12 – True Dragon King Zogdriaz

Translator : BlightScarlet
Proofreader : Cnine

True dragon king hunting ground?

Somehow, the name that just come out give an extravagant amount of bad feeling.

「Remilia, by that, what do you mean?」

「The king of true dragons who have the power to kill a god―― True dragon king. Apart from it’s dwelling place in the true fire mountain, it’s barely seen beyond southern area. [i]. If I’m not mistaken, it’s name is True Dragon King Zogdriz [ii].True Dragon King is from Fire dragon family, there is a legend said that it’s already life since immemorial time.Thus, this great prairie is True dragon king Zogdriz feeding ground in other words, his hunting ground. All living beings in this great prairie, is no more than Zogdriz …….food. 」

「Ho, that’s kinda unexpected, is that Drgon living in that volcano over there?」

Gulping my saliva in hearing that.

「That’s only natural……desu.But, I’ve only heard about that story from a high elf when I’m still in the forest, in addition that also story from quite long ago in my olden days, now there is no evidence that true dragon king Zogdriz is still dwelling in that place.Moreover, it is said that the True Dragon King boast of its extraordinary longevity but doesn’t mean it’s immortal and it might be dead already.」

「how far ago is the “olden days”?」

「from this present moment, It is 1,000 and a few days ago that I heard that story from the elders.」

「Ummm……so it’s nearly 3 years ago?」[ED : Ash mistaking 千[Sen : 1000] with 三[san : 3], he thinks that Remilia heard that story 3 years ago while in fact it’s more than 1000 years ago, BTW Remilia age is ove…….GYAAAAAAA!!!]

「Ah, no, it’s 1000 years and a few days ago.」

What’s that? If that’s the case, maybe that frightening true dragon king already passed away long time ago.

I am feeling relieved.

However, she heard the story more than 1000 years (1 millennium) ago, right?

This high elf, how old she really is? [ED : she is moGYAAAAAAAAA!!!!]

Her appearance is from that of girl in their second-half of their teens.

「among the animals that lives for a long time on this earth, in case of an intellectual creature, there isn’t much information known about the life and death of the True Dragon King Zogdriz. 」

It’s reminded me to the old unicorn which is the elder of the unicorn. [ED : He can speak in human language!]

Anyway, I also need to go to the unicorn ranch for the medical treatment of the elf girl[iii].

Maybe I can ask that old unicorn the story about true dragon king Zog-Whatever-It’s-name-is.

We flew until we reached the Unicorn Ranch.

I tried to ask the matter to Elder Unicorn, cliff, if he knows about the True Dragon king.

「T-t-Ttttrue Dragon King……Zo……ZoG……Zogdriaz…… 」*Tremble* *shaken*

This old unicorn is trembling over something terrible.

In spite of an adult, his 4 legs trembled like a newborn lamb when he heard this name.

「Then, don’t tell me, that guy is still life right now.」

That’s the matter that I need to know the most right now.

「Ah, That devil…….he’s still alive, no, describing him as devil is too kind, that wicked dragon……he’s still alive」


「I discovered this great prairie for quite a while ago but, I’ve never seen that dragon appearance even once.」

「It must be that. It’s because that dragon currently entering it’s dormant period.」

「Dormant period? Then right now it is sleeping like a bear in hibernation?.」


Which reminds me, it’s remind me of the lesson from my mother about living creature including monster, in those lesson there is some study about dormant period of the dragon.

The dragon’s can moving without resting in it’s active period, and simply won’t wake up in it’s dormant period, then those two circle repeated.

「If I am not mistaken, with young dragon vigor, it’s active period is quite long, but as it get older, the dormant period becomes longer.」

「That’s right. And, True Dragon King Zogdriaz dormant perios is extremely long.
Anyhow, True Dragon King Zogdriaz already exist since much longer in the olden ancient time, assuming that it was true, the dormant period for such ancient dragon must be extremely long.Now, the cycle of it’s active period and dormant period is ten years.And then this time, from the time it’s entering into dormant period, not even 5 years have passed. 」

「If that’s the case, We have at least 5 years—」

「It’s won’t be wake up around this time for now」

I am relieved in hearing that.

The True Dragon King’s threat won’t come right away.

「In the previous active period, that dragon also attacked ME and my flocks.
At that time, our number exceeding 500, the one who survived is no more than tenth of it.We’re almost annihilated, fortunately the true dragon king Zogdriaz change it’s target to the several Flying Dragon(Wyvern) who happens to flying over us, then before we ended in it’s belly it’s stomach already full………….Then hunted again after that………… 」*tremble* *tremble*

The old unicorn begins to tremble in fear when remembering that time .

Fumu (hmm)

「Then we only need to find a new grassland before 5 years passed.」

「Eh? (What?)」

「Moving to a different place from this great prairie before that dragon finished it’s dormant period—moving all of you to someplace like uninhabited island, and rebuild a new unicorn ranch in that place. I say there isn’t any choice of refusal for you.」

I said that with emphasing tone, leaving no choice for refusal.



「Fo, for the sake of us, you say that you will find a new heaven for us.」

「Ah, ahh, Well something like that」

「We’re grateful……….we give you our deepest gratitude and more deepest gratitude」

I certainly think they would certainly declare with discontent and grumbling, on contrary it’s gratitude.

Maybe because this old unicorn unable to assume the praying posture to me by joining bo his hand.

…….Somehow his tune getting out of order.

「anyway, from the previous story just now, we got no more than 5 years extension time」

「That’s right, as far as I know that dragon never wake-up even once in it’s dormant period, we will peaceful for at least 5 years. That promise, please protect it by all means.」

「That’s depended on whether you’re willing to cooperate with me.」

「Supposed we’re able to do it, giving you our help is only natural」

「is that so? Well, I wanted to request for your cooperation immediately. 」

I pointed at the elf girl’s throat beside me.

「you said that horn can heal illnesses and injury but it must be alive. Cure the throat of this girl…………that had her vocal cord cut out. 」

「But performing 《Heal》 by horn, it’s the same as shaving our life force along with our life span…….」

「I beg of you.」

I bowed my head and beg him[viii].

Though maybe it’s done only to show some effect it’s not like I’m particularly want to bow againts my own will.

If I feel like it, I can cut-off this guy horn as many as I like.

However, for some reason I feel that now is the time to bow my head.

Because I wanted to lower my head, I lowered it.

As for my personality, I’m someone who hate to bow down to other’s.

However, there is a time when one should bow-down his head, It’s not like I’m particularly believe it.

Instead, I do not want to become an arrogant similar to prideful human, so I must bow occasionally too.

I myself, scorn this kind of man, I simply hate it.

In my previous life, I work for a company where the damned higher-ups love lo abusing his power——-no, that was not worth worrying about.

「……… I will call a young unicorn in the flocks that have overflowing life force. It’s my child, Geo. Geo, Oi Geo come over here!」

The old Unicorn gazed at his surrounding from beyond the unicorn, one young unicorn was called out.

The young unicorn have a long elegant horn.

It’s just like the white horse ride by a prince-sama in the story no, it’s one horned horse.

I honestly think it’s beautiful.

I look at the beautiful thoroughbred horse to my heart content.

The young unicorn is called Geo approached cautiously.


Angela look at the young unicorn and muttered some words.

「O pure little girl. I give you a permit to touch me」

The young unicorn, Geo, said to Angela in a gentle voice.

Angela looking at me, requesting for my permission. I nodded silently to her.

Angela nervously approached the side of the young unicorn and touch his body.

The unicorn half closed its eyes and made a cheery sound.

I think that it would be difficult for me as a male to touch it. (and worsen the mood)

「That elf born in ancient time. You’re also a pure girl, you may touch me」

The High Elf Remilia approach the young unicorn while faintly smiling.

The elf girl hiding behind Remilia’s back in order to approach the unicorn.

The elf girl will want to touch the beautiful young unicorn too.

Remilia stroke the mane gently, the young unicorn increasingly become in a good mood.

after that, the elf girl is about to touch the young unicorn with her shaken hand.

[Part 2 ______]

「NO TOUCH!!!!!!!!!」

The young unicorn enraged.


「YOU CAN’T TOUCH ME, DIRTY SOW!!!There is no way that you, a non-virgin girl who open her crotch to dirty looking man would be allowed to touch me!!!!!!Disappear, you vile filth!!! 」

The young unicorn sent forth heartless and reckless remarks to the elf girl.

The elf girl hung her head in shame while trembling.

The ground of the prairie got wet by the little girl’s tears.

「Only pure young girls are allowed to touch me who is noble and pure.Dirty-looking violated girls are forbidden to touch me no matter how long you wait for it!You who who gave yourself to a vile looking human――」

The young unicorn was not able to finish his abusive words.

It’s because I hit the side of that long thin face.

I approached and hit him.

I aprroached him again the hit m so he can feel the severeness level of his harsh words.

The opponent is a horse (one horned horse), only an amateur hand-to-hand combat. Also it’s not like my fist also held that much power in it, so there won’t be any devastating damage.

Nevertheless, the young unicorn is terribly confused from the shock of the hit.

It may be that the shock was bigger because it’s a male that hit him.

「W-Wha-Wha-Wha, What did you do! A noble, pure, and sublime me to get hit by dirty looking male human—–」


I speak in low voice while grabbing that young unicorn horn.

「Y, you, how dare you touch my horn with your dirty—-」

「Shut-up……or I will break your hor you shitty unicorn 」


「If you speak again.the next time you open your mouth, I will break your horn, and turn your corpse into horse sashimi for a meal」


「Do you understand my words? Nod silently if you understand.」

While holding the horn in my hand, the young unicorn hastily nodded many times over.

His eyes fully opened looking in a stange way.

It seem my serious words really fixed in his mind.

「Yosh, then back to the talk from before, heal that child throat」

「Tsu, using my life span to perform《Heal》 by using my horn ――」

「Shut up」

「I’ll let you choose. Now, I’ll cut off your horn and give you an instant death, or you use that horn on this child to heal. And life with your remaining life span.」

「Yo-You got to be joking! That kind of 2 choices is――」

「Shut up!」


「then—which one is your choice? 」

「……if it was for a pure girl, I will gladly give as many as my life span. But, for this filthy non-virgin girl——」

「Shut up」


Well then, should I cut-off this young unicorn horn since the way he speak irritating me—– When I was about to decide it,

「Just do what this human said.This man is the one who control our life and death. And also, for prospriety of our folks.If you can’t obey this man order—-you might be as well as die………….for the sake of our group. 」

The chief of the group, elder unicorn said that in solemn tone.

The young unicorn glared for a moment and scowled at me hatefully.

「……ku……Un, understood. Just this time……..just this time, I will use my horn. But naturally I won’t do that. We’re, pure, noble, and sublime beauty, moreover, to use unicorn horn that over flowing with bravery to a filthy non-virgin girl is—」

「Shut up」

「if you speak another word, I will really kill you.」

I brought myself to really kill this young unicorn if he spoke the next single word.

My killing intent and serious tone seem to be transmitted enouh to that young unicorn.

「…………」*tremble* *shaken* *nervous wreck* *get wrecked* *scared shitless* *idk too many gaku*

The legs of the young unicorn which seemed to overflow in courage kept shaking.

The young unicorn completely resign to me as he treat the elf girl.

In silent.

The elf girl reach to the point that she can talk.

Functioning like a living creature.

It’s only that since she usually barely even talk, she speak clumsily.

Or should I say she didn’t know a single words.

I think, sooner or later she will accustomed to it and can speak normally.

As for the elf girl name.

Her name is………… it appears she doesn’t have a name

She is already a slave all the way since her birth, she also didn’t get a name from her master.

Not only that, but I imagine she is treated as a thing from her master and shouldering a painful past.

And, even if an elf is an elf, she has half human blood as a result of her mixed blood which made her a half-elf.

And then—–she strongly wished to become my slave.

「I, by all means.」


「abandoned, no」


「Slave, for, you」





She clings to my foot, over and over again that elf gir—–no, half elf girl plead to me.

I already have Angela and Remilia as slaves.

More than this is unnecessary.

Currently, I didn’t have any plan to increase my slave.



Well, I wonder is this okay?


I cured her throat, should I sell her?

…………I wonder whether I ever say that kind of words?

I do not remember.

I forgotten.

I can say that I am a forgetful person, and it’s especially inconvenient for myself.

By the way, the day is not high yet.

Next time――Should I get more quantity of female horses (mare)?

For the sake of increasing the number of unicorns in unicorn ranch.

Because I receive a request that they wanted more virgin mare at the ranch.

Because of rapid breeding and a number of them is in need of multiplying, I brought myself to hear the request.

Well, I intend to take some and paying attention if it’s a virgin or not.


[i] TL: volcano?
[ii] TL comment: I’m just tempting to name it Sock grease, if you notice it’s missing an A in the name. Assume that the High elf just doesn’t remember the full name or it’s probably a typo or something.
[iii] TL comment: 1 unicorn life for another not-so-endangered person.
[iv] TL: originally said repeated over and over, I couldn’t get it right and replace it with annually.
[v] Note to self, TL: “じゃ” is used for speaking habit of the elderly.
[vi] TL: washi/washira probably mean “I”, but I think we or referring to us make better sense.
[vii] TL comment: New religion create, the rise of Ashism faction. Heil!
[viii] TL: not sure if gender of the Unicorn is specify, I assume it’s He.
[ix] TL comment: am I allowed to be “corny” hahahah!


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  2. [ED : Ash mistaking 千[Sen : 1000] with 三[san : 3], he thinks that Remilia heard that story 3 years ago while in fact it’s more than 1000 years ago, BTW Remilia age is ove…….GYAAAAAAA!!!] In fact, he understood it as 1,000-and-some days (3 years are 1,095 days), while she meant 1,000 [years] and some days, but left the “years” part out.

    [vi] TL: washi/washira probably mean “I”, but I think we or referring to us make better sense.
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    [viii] TL: not sure if gender of the Unicorn is specify, I assume it’s He.
    If the description given later of rare unicorn females is accurate, it’s a he.


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  10. since this section annoy me let’s correct it.

    original: 「The king of true dragons who have the power to kill a god―― True dragon king. Apart from it’s dwelling place in the true fire mountain, it’s barely seen beyond southern area. [i]. If I’m not mistaken, it’s name is True Dragon King Zogdriz [ii].True Dragon King is from Fire dragon family, there is a legend said that it’s already life since immemorial time.Thus, this great prairie is True dragon king Zogdriz feeding ground in other words, his hunting ground. All living beings in this great prairie, is no more than Zogdriz …….food. 」

    Alternative:「The king of true dragons who have the power to kill a god―― The true dragon king. Apart from it’s dwelling placed in the true fire mountain, it’s barely seen beyond southern area. [i]. If I’m not mistaken, it’s name is True Dragon King Zogdriz [ii].The true Dragon King is of the Fire dragon linage,

    before this all was minor edits, basically nitpicking but this next part really needed editing.

    according to legend it have already been alive since time immemorial.Thus, this great prairie is True dragon king Zogdriz feeding ground in other words, his hunting ground. All living beings in this great prairie, is nothing more than Zogdriz …….food. 」

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