Bandwitch Limit

Some of you may already noticed this, but it’s look like my new website already exceeded it’s current bandwitch

It’s look like using website is just like emptying my pocket, now i begin to consider whether keep using website and put donation[exceeded donation converted into new release] or back to using wordpress[money issue]

18 thoughts on “Bandwitch Limit

  1. Thanks for hard work! How about putting links to google docs? sob sob I can’t read chapter 15 of Seirei Gensouki and chapter 10 of Bocchi Tensouki(((


  2. Googledoc has troubles of its own. To name one, the high traffic moment of release will shut down access to quite a few readers. I got that with Retranslation group, Remonster project and a few others.


  3. You should just use wordpress to save money. Only those like Gravity Translation with Overly Popular can manage to get so much donation and create their own website.


  4. hmm.. Most would likely go to wordpress and as for the donation, we don’t know if that would really work, as you know that you can’t really do things like they do because you wouldn’t be able to take it, just do it on your own leisure. Can’t really do much, even other translations are mostly on wordpress.


  5. Considering how fast the bandwidth limit was reached, donations might not be enough to cover the cost, especially when readership grows.


  6. I wonder if you are going to change back to wordpress, then won’t you repost chapter 11 of Bocchi Tensouki, part 3 of chapter 14 and chapter 15 of Seirei Gensouki here? also put link on chapter 13-15 in Seirei Gensouki too.


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