Truly Busy Week

Sorry for the lack of update this few week[especially this week], I really got my hands full with my job. now I can only set aside 1 hour every day to TL-ing[usually around 2-3 hour].

And I take a break from TL-ing yesterday, due to excessive contents of Bocchi Tenseiki chapter 10 which almost made me spitting my tea[This is my early warning to you guys for the upcoming chapter]

Anyway, it’s look like I will keep busy till the end of this weekend too.

Note : to anyone who already read chapter 10 of Bocchi, PLEASE DON”T MADE ANY SPOILER!!!!!


18 thoughts on “Truly Busy Week

  1. Ah well RL comes first and TLing is only a hobby so do it in your spare time and we will gratefully read it. Eagerly waiting dorm the next update when it turns up


  2. Well, in the next 24 hours you will eat food at least once and drink water or any liquid at least twice in that time and 10 years from now you will be 10 years older unless time distortion and displacement takes place. Pesky time distortions displacement .


    • sorry, can’t spoil it. you are going to have to wait and find out. that goes for everyone! It was a heck of long chapter to translate.


      • Maybe you shouldn’t give the current process and possible date…Because those guys(and of course me include) are all waiting for it with expectation that it will come out tomorrow. And if tomorrow the chapter really doesn’t come then…I think some people(me include…maybe) may…die…or start a riot. You should just let them(and me) keep dreaming of when will the chapter come.(like someone said in The New Gate translation site: Novels really are some kind of Harmless Addictive Drugs)

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      • Lol.. so true.. you`re now like a god..
        harmless? You`re naive.. novels are dangerous existence..
        Even now, i woke up at midnight only to found myself refreshing this page.. and depressed.. lol


      • Partly my fault for Blitz Translating it… he kinda lost a lot of motivation seeing that large amount of stash need to be PROOF. I didn’t separated them in parts…. soo yeah… +30 pages… good luck! I assure you everyone that this will be worthwhile to read my crude translation (Effect from rushing too fast previously, I should translate it word by word again, but first I need to work.)!
        I started working on Chapter 11 everyone! it’s going to be slow because I’m in the position as him, so I’ll be very(not extremely) busy. I’ll put some hours in there. The good news is that this chapter is half as much as the previous chapter! It might be bad news because there might not be a lot of content in there.
        I don’t want to separate them in parts for this chapter, unless you really want too.


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