A little announcement

Well :

1. Blight-san will do Bocchi Tenseiki chapter 8 and I’m already don 50% of chapter 9[Sorry, too lazy to do anything today]

2. After I’m done with chapter 9, I will move to Seigenso Chapter 14[currently only 1% progress].

3. Finally tomorrow MT vol 23 released[maybe], so there might be some altering for no. 2.

4. Anyway, for the one that still didn’t know, I’ve finished Seigenso Chapter 13 and already uploaded it two days ago[sorry I can’t re-blog it for some reason].

Anyway, happy weekend.


21 thoughts on “A little announcement

  1. For people who reads the comments!
    Update on that
    well, pretty much “blightscarlet” is in the same position or loweras him. (lazy(procrastination at its finest) and at 50%)


    • Finally, finished. hurray. Now I only need to take a break while waiting for you to finish chapter 8.[enjoying MT chapter 239 in the meantime]
      BTW, believe me that chapter 9 is a real nightmare with painstakingly long line without dot, which almost made me crush my laptop.

      BTW, for you guys who is reading Seigenso by GT, chapter 112 just released yesterday.


  2. Hello 😀 I’m pretty new here, and a little confused. Are the arks completed in order or which are in progress (I haven’t read yet >_<) and this MT it sounds interesting, what is it? Sorry for asking lame questions…


    • Chapters are completed in order in the navagation. From the look of it’s in order of the latest release.
      MT is an abbreviation of machine translation, meaning people translate it from machine.
      We do halfmachine translation for better accuracy. pretty much we take words apart and use MT to define each words or something along the way and spit back understandable english/specific language. Hopefully Mr. Zmunjali can explain much more.

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    • Well, MT actually stand for Mushoku Tensei[with it’s three goddess which I choose to become the banner of my blog and a hidden goddess as the icon, believe me it’s a worth read novel].

      which ark do you mean?

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    • Sorry, please wait A bit more since I’ve got my hands full with my job[Till at least the end of March], now even proofing Blight-san translation already take most of my free time

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