Bocchi Tenseiki chapter 3[summary]

Here, as promised I write summary for chapter 3.

I’ve finished with chapter 7 and waiting for Blight-san to finish chapter 6 then release it.

Now that I finished chapter 7 of Bocchi, I will begin to do chapter 13 of Seigenso tomorrow.


Note : LMS Webtoon is WEEKLY!!!!, rejoice folks!!!!!

Additional Note : Chapter 3 also just released this afternoon.


Ash with his newfound power training really hard mastering his unique power[forbidden].

Time skipped one month after that bear strike. Ash decided to do his plan to collect money by hunting wild animal and sell it’s meat[he is commenting about his mysanthrope, but feel that he didn’t have another way other to sell it so he decide to do that despite his mysanthrope]. He then fly to the great prairie, there he hunt some wild animal till he found flocks of uncorn. He then decided what kind of attack he is going to use, wind spear, flame arrow, or earth attack. Finally he use wind spear to chop the horn of two unicorn without killing them. A strange thing happened, the unicorn that got it’s horn chopped off die instantly. Without worrying it further he is going t the fortress city to sell them.

[chapter end]


12 thoughts on “Bocchi Tenseiki chapter 3[summary]

  1. Hey there!
    How about you fix the navigation links, please?
    I can’t properly read your releases since I’m being bounced here and there by the links.


  2. Please fix the link by order and category T_T it just that im been bouncing anywhere and when i can to continue reading it i need to go all the way searching it and the updated panel areas is shambles


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