Chapter 11 [Field Training~2~]

Roxism HQ


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Human CAN FLY!!!!!

OPENING POSITION FOR PROOFREADERS [Cuz as you already know that there is large amount of part that need TLC]—>contact me at animesuki [Cnine] to send your email address.

anyway, Enjoy!!!


Everyone of the group who saw the scene of Rio fall from the cliff dumbfounded.
「~~, now first priority is slaughtering those guys! Alphonse! Now is a good chance for counterattack! Using our magic and combining our strength, we can defeat the goblin troops on that level. Do now quickly! 」

[TL : Goblin(I really hope it was Stead)]

The one who return to her spirit first is Roana, and she quickly assisting the troops commander, Alphonse.
「O, On guard! Young students, protect Christina-sama and Flora-sama!  Use『 Body Reinforcement Magic(Hyper Physical Ability)』 And then, prepare to barraging them with attack magic. Put together our ranksWith exception of using fire attribute magic…

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