Urgent Need For Raw

sorry guys, I need Raw text for Seigenso beyond 2nd act.

I will be very grateful for whoever supplying the raw for act 3-5.

Sorry again, there is no release for today since I caught cold and need to recuperating in this weekend.

whoever want to donating the raw[in MS-Word format], please give me a download link to it in comment section[complete act for each raw is preferred].

Okay, that’s all for today.

Have a nice weekend!

14 thoughts on “Urgent Need For Raw

  1. Hope you get better jali sama~ drink lots of water~

    The translator of Le Festin de vampire also caught a cold. Maybe translators have an invisible link that will affect each other~


  2. Zmunjali, this is a web novel, you can find raws in syosetsu? who bother people look for raws other than the original one?


      • I’m actually Tl-ing it offline, and lazy enough to copy pasting raw. so if someone can help me with that why not?, since TL-ing this is actully rather hard[but drastically increased my proficiency]. but the main reason is because I’m too lazy to do that, and it’s better to secure the raw first since there is a chance that it will be erased later[like Bocchi case]


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