Chapter 8 [Failure]

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I will release ch8V2 later

Anyway, Enjoy!
It’s been 5 month since Rio transferred to Royal Institute.
Currently, Rio become a target of bullying.

On the first day of his entrance, he who can’t read letters and numbers. become target of sneer.

But, by reading the books in library, he learned how to read letters by himself, and remarkably caught to the rest of the class.

In the first place, He is actually a collegue student in his previous life.

With the exception of the common sense in this world there is particularly almost no problem, that’s result is inevitable.

The person himself is cutting corner in order t made himself not too stand out.

But, It can’t be helped that he is unable to grasp to the level of his surrounding*, so far they just won’t understood how far his level in study actually is. [TLC :…

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 8 [Failure]

  1. Thanks for the update Jali sama~

    KIHYAHAHAHAHAHA! I could finally read something! (I just realize how addicted to novel I was after three day with my internet broken)


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