I hate human beings.

When I remember being betrayed by them I just can’t trust them anymore. For this reason I have avoided creating a social life as much as possible. Because of this, even though I am already 29 years old, I don’t have any friends or a girlfriend.

There is a reason for me becoming a person this unsociable:

This is a story from when I was still a sixth grade elementary school student, and how I was falsely accused of stealing someone else’s lunch money.

When the pouch containing the lunch money of one of my classmates went missing the class tried to look for this pouch together, however after looking for a while we still couldn’t find it. This is when the girl who became the class representative suddenly shouted out. Apparently the pouch with the lunch money was found in my desk. It was all an evil plan of one of my classmates, that’s the suspicion I harbour till this very day.

Actually until that unfortunate day I had been a very popular boy. I suspected this was the work of one of the other boys in my class, who had been jealous of me because I had been confessed to (and I accepted of course) by the class representative. However kids don’t think about the consequences of their misdeeds. This event had turned in a very cruel experience for me, for while I denied it fervently no one believed me when I said I didn’t steal the money. My class mates, my homeroom teacher, not even my own parents believed me.

Starting from that day my classmates started avoiding me. I had hoped my friends would at the very least believe me and stand by my side, but they too wouldn’t listen and started to actively avoid me as to not get involved. Because of this more and more people started avoiding me. And as a result? Well, I learned to distrust human beings from a tender and young age.

While in junior high, high school, and even college I still continued avoiding other people. I continued being a lonely person away from others. Even now when I am already a part of normal society working for a company I try to avoid all social events to the very best of my ability.

And last year, while commuting to work on a train, I somehow became the culprit of a molesting incident (which I, of course, didn’t commit). I continued to insist that I was innocent. No one believed me. The Judge found me guilty, no one, no one believed me. This caused my distrust in humanity to reach new levels of severity.

The judgement ruined my life. I lost my job and my relationship with my family that was already near non-existent ceased to exist entirely.

Now nearly a year afterwards, without having been able to get a job due the circumstances, I have been eating into my savings. Of course this wasn’t enough and I had become something close to a walking corpse.

One day, while taking a stroll through the park at night I heard a woman scream. I immediately ran in the direction the scream came from, just in time to witness a young woman almost being raped by a knife-wielding man. I flinched but felt I had to help the woman.

I ran to the man and tried to save the woman, resulting in a struggle. This struggle unfortunately ended up with the knife sticking out of my chest. I desperately asked the woman to call an ambulance.

However she ran away screaming instead of calling an ambulance. Maybe she was in a panic due to the confusion, however that’s beyond cruel. The man took out a cell phone but realising what he had done he just ran away instead of calling an ambulance as well.

I was left alone.

It didn’t take long before my eyes start feeling hazy, my consciousness starts fading, and, just like that, I die.

The last thought that ran through my head while dying was how shitty humanity really is.


29 thoughts on “Prologue

    • i once used to lie to that,and something similar happened to me, so now i am critically honest so it never happens again; r u skinny? nope. Did u take it? yea. Did you do it? If i did you’d know. etc.


    • if i said i feel you should get a 3rd degree burn that scars your face for life to make up for potentially ruining a person before i can feel that you’ve made up for it would you understand? by the time you notice it’s too late. 25 and no idea how to start or hold a conversation, do i go out and try to socialize? how long would you bother trying to talk to a person who cant hold a conversation? …not long…
      if you’ve read this far you’ve read more words from me than what I have said to anyone this past 3 months.


  1. at first i thought “Really because of lunch money … this is going to suck isn’t it” and then i thought “hmm at least a molestation is a reasonable reason for becoming a social outcast ok stamp of approval!”


  2. Sorry to the translator here but, is it possible for me to know where did you get the r*ws from other than syosetsu?


  3. … did anyone else get depressed by how this guy got treated… even with no faith in humanity he tried to save someone…

    Also I’m getting urge to edit this lol, no offense, I really appreciate the TL

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well i havent cause he is a weak will man. Seriously how much strugle i had in my chillhood years….. He would had suicided in my position probably. Getting pushed psychologicaly is so grave until you mature and understand that there is no fair in this world,neither truth or the absolute ”good” or ”evil”. Well you could pulled through from this situation but you will have to pay a ”price”,wich depends on your situation and character.


  4. On the chapter list page, where the content is evaluated like Character:B and Story:A there’s something called BL factors, what’s that? Honestly I have an idea and really hope that I’m right!


  5. And last year, when I’m commuted by train for work, I becAme THE culprit of A molesting incident.
    It WAS A false accusation of course.
    I continued to insist it’s WASN’T my doing.
    but, the VERDICT still said that I’m guilty.
    no-one believeS in me, NOBODY.

    Nearly a year, without A JOB, I eat by using my saving, I become a walking corpse.

    maybe she HAD ENTERED A panic state due to confusion, WELL THIS IS beyond cruel.
    and, the man who stabED me, he takes out a mobile phone WITH HIS shaking hands.
    Although SINCE he just realized what he just done, eventually instead of calling an ambulance he is running away.
    I’m left alone.
    before long my eyes feel hazy, my conciousness eventually FADES, and, just like that I————–die.
    While thinking about how shitty humans ARE.


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